Client: Gulf Air


Brand & Design

As one of the longest-serving airline in the region Gulf Air was looking to commemorate the legacy of Gulf Air as an airline organisation within the aviation industry.

Gulf Air wanted to retain the nostalgic effect of the icon/brand mark with a modern twist.

From6 pitched and won this prestigious branding project and played a vital part in branding the new fleet of Boeing Dreamliner destined to join the ever expanding fleet.

The Brand mark was created integrating the Gulf Air logo with the 70, utilising the “0” as the sun with the Gulf Air falcon flying off into the sun and into the future and the next 70 years.

Retaining the stylistic elements of the core Gulf Air Brand and integrating them into the numbers to give a cohesive look and feel.

Utilising the Gulf Air Brand Font to give a consistent look and feel across the typography of the brand mark.

Developed the flexibility of the brand mark to be utilised in different colour ways while still maintaining the integrity of the brand mark.

For internal communications the logo was stripped down and simplified. With the Gulf Air Prefix being removed leaving just a symbol and anniversary brand mark.

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