We are an independent, regional agency that gets things done

In the beginning, there were six, and From6, we could become anything. In 2011, we had a vision to build a marketing consultancy business where clients would benefit from a personal, hands-on, and accountable way of working together.

As an agile and purposeful consultancy, with offices in Bahrain and Oman, we’re all about getting things done. We use our strategic expertise and results-driven approach to energise your brand, creating lasting impact.

We don’t just design brands. We invest time, energy, and knowledge into exploring how brands and customers connect, how your employees behave and what makes your brand truly unique; so we know that what we’re doing today is ready for tomorrow.


Our team comprises of a palette of formidable experience, both international and regional. Eclectic and dedicated, we like to get things done, and done well. Most importantly, we love what we do – our clients say our enthusiasm is infectious.

Picture of Adnan Al Arrayed

Adnan Al Arrayed

Managing Partner

Picture of Bashar Daas

Bashar Daas

Partner, Creative Director

Picture of Mohammed Elsum

Mohammed Elsum

Partner, Account Director

Picture of Samer Jamus

Samer Jamus


Picture of Tom Romanski

Tom Romanski


Picture of Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Associate Creative Director

Picture of Ranya Mohsen

Ranya Mohsen

Account Executive

Picture of Tahera Ali

Tahera Ali

Junior Art Director

Picture of Nada Sahwan

Nada Sahwan

Multimedia Designer

Picture of Gopal Krishnan

Gopal Krishnan

Manager, Production

Picture of Viginthanan Rajan

Viginthanan Rajan

Manager, Finance

Picture of Fritzy Pacheco

Fritzy Pacheco


Picture of Hanan Mohammed

Hanan Mohammed

Account Executive

Picture of Salvin Francis

Salvin Francis


Picture of Arash Minhas

Arash Minhas

Digital Account Manager

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