Client: BisB Digital


Digital & Social Media

We worked with BisB on branding their Digital Banking solutions and platforms.

When it came time to launch, the market was saturated with various banks mobile and online apps. To help BisB differentiate their Digital Services we created a series of humorous social media videos to promote the Digital offering as well as a set of How To videos to educate people on their usage.

The challenge was to get older and less tech-savvy customers to migrate to Digital Services and cut through the clutter.

bisb atm machine

We launched our campaign through social media, digital, cinema and in branch. The videos received a great response online giving BisB a huge increase in website traffic. The brand achieved a significant number of its client base sign up for online and mobile banking.

bisb save the date
bisb digital screen
bisb digital screen
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bisb e-banking digital screens

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