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Al Malaki Specialist Hospital is one of the leading healthcare providers in the Kingdom of Bahrain that offers premium multi-specialty services to its patients.

Despite its excellent reputation, the hospital’s IVF unit was facing a significant challenge in generating footfall and revenue, and that’s where we came in!

The Game Plan:

1. The FROM6 Communications team conducted extensive research to understand the target audience and competition, and develop a customized digital marketing and lead generation strategy.

2. The team analyzed patient data to identify patterns in IVF treatment searches and customer behavior, and created compelling content for the lead generation campaign.

3. The team then launched a targeted lead generation campaign to reach users in Bahrain who were interested in IVF treatments. The posts were visually appealing and engaging, designed to attract users and direct them to the consultation form and landing page.

4. To increase the reach of the campaign, the team utilized social media to target users who had shown interest in IVF treatments and related topics.

Al Malaki Specialist Hospital lead-generation ad
Al Malaki Specialist Hospital IVF offer story
Al Malaki Specialist Hospital IVF treatment offer story

The Results:

The lead generation campaign created by FROM6 Communications was a resounding success. Despite the IVF Treatment’s niche audience, the team generated well over 1,050 outbound leads for Al Malaki Hospital’s IVF unit, within the span of 3 months. The campaign helped to increase footfall at the unit and generate more revenue for the hospital. In fact, the campaign generated an incredible 1374% ROI, an impressive improvement from the hospital’s previous marketing efforts.

Furthermore, the campaign’s overall ad structure and linking created a knock-on effect, resulting in a growth in page likes, followers, and increased engagement.

IVF treatment social media posts

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