Author: Tom Romanski - Partner at From6 Communications

Published on: 2020-04-02

What can your brand do to survive the quarantine?

These are uncharted waters, so strategies need to adjust.

This isn’t the time to run your regularly scheduled digital campaign. Thinking different and adapting to changing times is crucial to staying relevant and securing your brand to changing times. This is the time where we will truly see which brands embrace genuine innovation and which merely use it as a buzzword. Review your communication and marketing plans and see what you can do to truly innovate?

There’s never been a better time to do something good.

Brands that go the extra mile to help during this time of crisis will generate positive goodwill. Leading fashion brands Prada, COS and Louis Vuitton have retooled several factories to help manufacture face masks to help with global shortages. LVMH have promised to donate millions of medical-grade respirators and surgical masks. Brands have a great opportunity to do something helpful for our first responders and consumers. What can your brand do to help?

Be sensitive and genuine in your messaging.

Tensions are running high and consumers are being bombarded with a great deal of negative information. Brands need to focus on being genuine and spreading positive messages during this time. It’s the right time for your brand to cut through the negativity with an uplifting and inspiring message or conversation topic around the current issue. Think about what your brand can do to help customers and add a spark of positivity during these stressful times?

Reach out and check in with your customers.

Get active on social media. Ask your audience how it’s doing, what content they’d like to see from you, what can your brand do to help them? People are spending a large amount of time on social media so it’s the perfect place to engage with your audiences. When posting new content don’t forget point 3, be sensitive and genuine!

Stay connected with your customers.

During times of crisis brands look to their marketing budgets as the first place to cut costs. The brands that can stay the course and keep connected when others are cutting down their communication will stay relevant and stand out. Budgets don’t have to increase but need to be spent cleverly.

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