6 New Year’s tips that will help you and your business thrive in 2017

Set clear goals

Setting clear and achievable goals is one of the keys to success in every part of life. Set targets for your business to ensure you always having something to thrive for and keep you on track. If you fail to reach certain targets in the given time; don’t be disheartened – take a step back and evaluate what could be improved for next time.  


Measure your success

It’s important to be able to clearly measure your success when setting goals. Being able to track your developments will increase your motivation and allows you to spot weaknesses in your game earlier. When establishing your goals always consider how each variable can be measured accurately; will it be consumer feedback, brand engagement or heightened sales? The choice is yours.


Get inspired - try something new

As a general mantra we as humans should always strive to continually learn and evolve. Breaking a regular pattern and trying a new hobby or challenging activity can change your perspective and inspire fresh trains of thought; this is equally true in business. Break the mold and thrive for something new. Take time to look for opportunities in professional development programs or small tweaks in your business processes that may be overlooked in your busy day-to-day schedule.


Show your human side

Honing in on the humanistic nature of marketing and advertising is one of key talking points of successful business in 2017. Millennials are not as loyal to brands as earlier generations were. They’re not as impressed, and they are more likely to distrust brand messaging. With the amount of information that people have to choose from these days, it’s the human stories that tie meaning to what you and your company do for people. Use aspirational messaging and emotive, human stories to provide consumers with a reason to take notice to your brand. This will help lead people to becoming not just consumers, but activists for your organization, recommending you and sharing your content more freely.


It’s all about the visuals

Visuals are the golden ticket within content marketing. Having a unique look and feel is a huge part of every brand and utilising this consistently in your content is so important to standing out from the crowd. Substituting those heavily worded posts, with an eye catching visual will always be more memorable, engaging and shareable.


Social Media is the way forward

Social Media has dominated content marketing for nearly a decade. The main players being; Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In order to stay ahead of the curve, social media needs to be welcomed with open arms and adapted into daily communications. Having an active, live feed of your brands story is invaluable in 2017. Establish your voice and connect with your consumers – it’s the way forward.