Finding your brands voice – the written form in all it’s glory

Whether you want to come across personable or authoritative, how do you get that balance over a medium that doesn’t allow you to use body language or facial expressions?

The way in which you write and the tone you use effects how communications are absorbed and can be the defining factor in whether your marketing efforts are effective. Written tone of voice allows you to define the ‘personality’ of your brand or company; it governs what you say and how you say it.

Whether it’s your Social Media, Website, Corporate Material or even down to the way you construct Customer Service emails. It’s all about how you want to be perceived by a wider audience. Aligning your brands textual communications can see huge advantages; it sets the president of your values, core messaging and allows you to target specific demographics.

Innocent Drinks are a great example of how they have used tone of voice to establish a personality that is unique to them and viewed as fun loving. Simple clever crafting of words, such as describing their Head Offices as ‘Fruit Towers’ and saying that you can contact them on their ‘Banana Phone’ are a sure fire way to put smiles on their customer’s faces. This subtle mix of humour and wit resonates with their target audience and ensures the brand is remembered, which in turn fuels loyalty.

If the voice of your brand is constantly changing, consumers can quickly lose trust in the product or service you are offering.  Just as you want to have a consistent look and feel in terms of design, it’s vital to ensure that your written content equally feels that it is coming from a single source.  It allows you to make your communications memorable and sets you apart from the competition.  

An important quote to remember when establishing a tone of voice is that ‘People will most definitely forget what you said but they will not forget how you made them feel’. So be memorable, be clear and be consistent.

Signing out until next time,