Emotional branding – Turning fans into advocates

Despite the notion that we are rational beings that make rational choices, we are in fact emotionally driven, particularly in our decision-making. It’s this human nature that makes effective branding and its proper implementation important for every company.

Several studies have demonstrated that brands can trigger emotional responses for consumers even during unconscious exposure. These responses can have a substantial affect on consumer’s preference of products.

Repeated exposure to a brand through multiple touch-points can create a conditioned emotional response or feeling. Eventually, people come to associate that feeling with the brand, which starts to filter their purchase and product decisions. 

Emotions and brand associations influence people’s beliefs, which in turn shape their attitudes; the latter is key for brand preference and product choice. However as these associations take time to form, consistent and systematic brand storytelling is a much more effective communication strategy than just splashing out on a big, one off advertising campaign.

Creating positive emotional association with your brand through imagery, words, video and experiences is always a safe investment.  Leveraging creative advertising and design is key to changing attitudes and understanding how to elicit certain emotions.

Digital and social media channels constantly bombard us with images of cats, babies, memes, songs and videos that provide multiple emotional bursts per minute. In this kind of environment it’s become even more important to create a consistent stream of communications in order to create your brands story.

Putting these measures in place will ensure that your product or service will resonate with people and be effective at turning fans into brand advocates.

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